Book 2 Is Coming Soon!! Here’s What To Expect…

November 01, 2019

I am writing this post to thank you, my loyal readers. I hope you have taken something away from Honed Virtue and all the things I’ve written on this blog that relates to the Great Depression and the characters from my book. If you have enjoyed reading the many excerpts I’ve posted, but have not yet read the book, I highly encourage it.

By now, it’s likely that you feel connected to Danny and Ito and their lives in the 1930s and early 1940s . Reading their story will not only deepen your understanding of what life was like back then, it will provide the essential foundation needed for my second book, The Blade, The Blood, The Bigotry – which has a release date of December 7, 2019 (coincidentally on Pearl Harbor Day, which is where this next book begins; on the day that the bombing occurred.)

I will no longer be blogging about Honed Virtue; I will be focusing on part two of Danny’s life. The first sentence of The Blade, The Blood, The Bigotry, which continues to tell the story of Danny Davis, sets the dramatic tone for a compelling tale that follows his life from high school into the war.

“They all wanted to be somewhere else, but the safest place was yesterday, and it didn’t exist…”

Sometimes, hard times in our lives are only stepping stones of trial and error before the hardest of times are revealed, and that’s where The Blade, The Blood, The Bigotry will take you — to a time even harder for Danny than living through the Great Depression.

They’re just boys…” the story continues.

And that’s just what they were in my first novel, Honed Virtue. Danny and Ito were best friends, growing up together in the worst of circumstances, learning to make the best of what they had and living life as fully as possible.

And they were, indeed, just boys – in school: elementary, middle, and first year of high school, dealing with growing up, bullies, and girls and puberty, while sometimes struggling to eat. But in The Blade, The Blood, The Bigotry, kids grow up fast with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and America joining WWII. The story deepens — and I hope you’ll continue it with me.

The story jumps right in with a scene from a high school gymnasium, where a Naval Chief Officer is addressing Danny and his classmates as adults; telling them of the war that has broken out, and encouraging them to step up and help their country.

“‘You need to know right now, that unless for some reason you are exempt, you are committed by law to serve in the military. Show of hands. Who’s a senior?’” He was a bit surprised that the young man who led the pledge did not raise his hand. He had assumed he was older by the way he carried himself and recited the pledge with such poise and assertion. After taking a mental note of who he would want to see privately after the assembly, he said, “‘You can pre-enlist now in your choice: Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard…’” he paused for effect, “‘or the best of the services, the Navy. I’m a bit partial.’” He smiled and continued, “‘If you sign up now, you can stay in school until you graduate. I suggest it’s your best option, because who knows how long this thing is going to last, and in a few years Uncle Sam may be the one to choose where you serve, not you. Gentlemen, we are at war.’”

The chief addressed them with equal amounts of authority and respect, and Danny and Ito accepted the challenge. This story takes you on their journey into manhood. The characters you fell in love with — Danny and Ito, the Watanabes, and Mr. Schmidt — are back in my second novel.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my blog posts about these special people and the fragile time in which they lived, and continue reading about them here as you read through the pages of The Blade, The Blood, The Bigotry.     






“Honed Virtue caught my interest right from the start. I loved the interaction… Back in the 1930s, things were tough and kids had to grow up fast. The closeness of the two families was very natural and ethnic backgrounds did not matter. They learned from each other. We should have more of that in this day and age… …very entertaining and kept my Interest… enticed me to want to read the next book to find out what will happen… Two thumbs. It was refreshing and delightful.”

-Barbara Kaufhold Licensed Massage Therapist

5 Stars - Wonderful Insight into Growing Up During The Great Depression. I so enjoyed this book! The story of this young man growing up in rural Oregon during the Great Depression was absolutely spot-on. It echoed my family’s oral tradition as well as stories from my own youth.The story is so well told that I became totally invested in it by the end of the first chapter. It was such a page-turner that I made myself take breaks so that I could savor the story. I can’t wait to read the rest of this young man’s story along with Ito and his other friends. The next book in the series can’t come quickly enough for me. This author’s writing style is very easy to absorb. His segues into the background of the other characters feels seamless. The characters, their emotions and their conversations ring absolutely correct. This book will be in my permanent ‘Keepers’ collection. I will be reading all of this author’s work.”

-Janet R. Graham Water Quality Control Analyst