About The Author

About David Radmore

David Radmore was born, reared, and educated in Oregon. Later, he lived, traveled, and worked in other states and in foreign countries. The books in this series are based upon a lifetime of actual experiences and contacts that have been expanded through fiction. He is an avid storyteller, and his diverse international background adds to the vivid reality of his books.


Mr. Radmore entered university after serving in the Navy near the close of WWII. He interrupted his formal education at Lewis and Clark College in Portland to work for two years with the Oregon State Police. Later, he took an additional two years’ time to cycle, explore, study, and work in Europe and Morocco.

Thereafter, he completed his formal education, including a Masters of Education degree, and taught a variety of subjects at Franklin High School in Stockton, California. At 28 years of age, it was there that he met his wife of more than 60 years. Their 14-month honeymoon was spent bicycling, camping, and touring in Europe and Morocco, and covered over 14,000 miles. They took a four-month hiatus from cycling and devoted that time in the international city of Tangier, Morocco, where Mrs. Radmore created several articles of sculpture that were highly prized in the European community. David was acquiring and establishing contacts with internationally known authors and personalities that continued until their demise.

Additional travel has expanded his experiences, including repeated trips throughout Western Europe by moped, motorcycle, ships, and VW camper vans. He and his wife also served two years as Peace Corps Volunteers teaching in a teacher-training college in Abeokuta, Nigeria. He was also one of many athletic coaches working with the Nigerian Sports Council.

Mr. & Mrs. Radmore spent one sabbatical leave touring and camping in Europe, North Africa, South and Southwest Africa, and Australia with a pair of BMW motorcycles. On four occasions in recent years, Mr. Radmore was invited to act as a consultant on American culture and history at the American Center of the Linguistic University in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and other educational institutions from grade two through high school.

Much of the author’s writing reflects his belief that “People make their own happiness,” and his philosophies:  “Enjoy each day,” “If it’s worth dreaming about, it’s worth doing,” and “If you can’t THINK it through, you certainly can’t WORRY it through.” These concepts have been the foundation for his lifestyle and teaching. This provides an open, honest, and positive approach to his fiction.

He and his wife, Ruth Audrey (Turnbull) Radmore, have enjoyed countless opportunities to visit in homes while overseas, and in turn have hosted 160, (and still counting), guests from other nations and continents. Cumulative guest time now exceeds 12 full-time years. Other guests have repeated visits as many as ten times. At no time, have they hosted paying guests.

David has played tuba in his high school and university bands and orchestras, and continues to do so. Other recreational activities he has shared with his wife include being owners and operators of private aircraft and the joys such expanded travel can offer.

From his early youth, David was an avid cyclist and this continues. He and another enthusiast organized the Stockton Bicycle Club, and that club remains a viable part of the recreational and travel community 44 years later.

Throughout Mr. Radmore’s life, and in his writing, he has found a place for alternatives. Flexibility and curiosity have been enhanced by the underlying question: “I wonder what would happen if…?” Because of that one question, there are a number of sequels that have been written, and yet to be finalized, and others partially composed. Not just in books, LIFE is a joyous adventure, particularly when you have a lovely companion with whom to share it!


“Honed Virtue caught my interest right from the start. I loved the interaction… Back in the 1930s, things were tough and kids had to grow up fast. The closeness of the two families was very natural and ethnic backgrounds did not matter. They learned from each other. We should have more of that in this day and age… …very entertaining and kept my Interest… enticed me to want to read the next book to find out what will happen… Two thumbs. It was refreshing and delightful.”

-Barbara Kaufhold Licensed Massage Therapist

5 Stars - Wonderful Insight into Growing Up During The Great Depression. I so enjoyed this book! The story of this young man growing up in rural Oregon during the Great Depression was absolutely spot-on. It echoed my family’s oral tradition as well as stories from my own youth.The story is so well told that I became totally invested in it by the end of the first chapter. It was such a page-turner that I made myself take breaks so that I could savor the story. I can’t wait to read the rest of this young man’s story along with Ito and his other friends. The next book in the series can’t come quickly enough for me. This author’s writing style is very easy to absorb. His segues into the background of the other characters feels seamless. The characters, their emotions and their conversations ring absolutely correct. This book will be in my permanent ‘Keepers’ collection. I will be reading all of this author’s work.”

-Janet R. Graham Water Quality Control Analyst